Lifesaving wall - Standard Edition


"Lifesaving Wall - Standard" is installed on an existing structure in your home (e.g. in the garage, basement or outside in the yard). The wall comes with everything needed for self-assembly.

The distribution of t-nuts is compatible with the Tension, Moon and Kilter holds.

Structure and anchorage: "Lifesaving Wall - Standard" is not a self-supporting wall. It must be attached to the building with adequate anchors (not included). You are responsible for having the structure validated to ensure it can withstand the loads produced by the wall, and make reinforcements if necessary.

Warning: This product requires a multi-step installation. If you don't have the necessary knowledge of a skilled handyman, we recommend that you contact a specialist. Contact OnSite for an installation quote at sales@theonsite.com.


  • Two sizes
    • Standard: 8'x12' + 11" kick-board
    • Small: 8'x10' + 11" kick-board
    • Without kick-board available 
  • 1 flooring pad  60"x80"x9" with high density foam
  • Stains colour : Black
  • Varying angles
  • Stained and coated baltic birch wood panels
  • T-Nut pattern for Tension, Moon and Kilter
  • Imperial Escape T-Nut (210-303x)
  • Frame and hardware
  • Installation plan
  • Technical support

Package dimensions

  • 3 boxes wood panel - 4'x4'x3" - 240 LBS
  • 2 boxes wood frame - 96"x12"x3" - 104 LBS 
  • 2 boxes 24"x12"x12" - 98 LBS
  • 1 box for foam + cover - 17"x17"x40" - 45 LBS

Not Included: 

  • Shipping fee
  • Installation (frame, panel, t-nut)
  • Electric system
  • Hold/Volumes
  • Tools
  • Structure and anchors
  • LED lights

5 to 7 working days of production. Pickup available to avoid shipping costs.